Here at Dulwich Decking we believe that timber decking is one of the most useful home improvements that can be made . Timber decks add beauty and value to your home and offer the perfect way to expand your living space into the outdoors.

One of the main benefits of timber decking is the way it can make use of an unmanageable part of your garden such as a slope or embankment, and make it useable. Dulwich Decking provide a unique innovative design but also craftsmanship and materials of a superior standard.



Hardwood decking, raised beds with palms and mixed planting.

At Dulwich Decking we supply and install a wide range of different types of decking.

Types of Decking

Scandinavian Pine

A medium density softwood which is available in a smooth or grooved finish, quite a few knots per square metre, colour, turns a honey pine hue after a few weeks in the sun. NB please note to retain this colour the deck should be sealed with a silicone water repellent or decking oil.

Balua Hardwood

Yellow Balau is one of the most popular species in the UK for hardwood decking. With a mixture of warm colours of golden browns, light brown and pale reddish-browns, Yellow Balau offers a unique colour range which will sit beautifully within a natural environment.

Southern Yellow Pine

A medium to high density softwood primarily from North America, smooth finish only, very few knots per square metre, the colour is an even light golden brown with a beautiful grain pattern. See above for colour retention.

Western Red Cedar

A low density softwood, again primarily sourced from North America, available in smooth finish only and in different grades from Architectural knotty to Cedar deck clear which is virtually knot free, colours range from mellow ambers through to sienna brown and reddish cinnamons.

IPE Pronounced ee-pay

A high-density hardwood from South America, also known as Ironwood because of its immense strength & density, three times stronger than Oak, varying shades from light to dark brown with a knot free appearance.



Oak Decking Roof Terrace